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Ionic + Angular + Firebase + Stripe Connect

How to use Firebase cloud functions as a backend for Stripe Connect in an Angular Project.

Step #1: Add cloud functions to your project with firebase init

$ firebase init

Then select Firebase functions.

Step #2: Install the Stripe Package

Move into the newly created functions directory and install the stripe package.

$ cd functions
$ npm install --save stripe

Step #3: Modify functions/src/index.ts

Adding the stripe import and creating our first function.

import * as cors from 'cors';
const corsHandler = cors({origin: true}); //make more secure in production
const stripe = require('stripe')('sk_test_YOUR_KEY_HERE');
export const createExpressAccount = functions.https.onRequest(async (request, response) => {

  corsHandler(request, response, async () => {

    const account = await stripe.accounts.create({
      type: 'express',



Step #4: Deploy to Firebase Hosting

$ firebase deploy --only functions

Step #5: Send a GET request to the newly created endpoint

You'll see the endpoint after uploading the function in the console. It's also accessible in the Firebase console.


    console.log('sending request for account creation');
	  //do something with result
    }).catch(error =>{

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